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Summary of last edition in 2019

Industry festival, a place of good meetings. For four days, the area of ​​the Poznań International Fair turned into a colorful festival of the latest solutions for the construction industry

Industry feast, place of the best meetings

For four days, the area of ​​the Poznań International Fair turned into a colorful festival of solutions for construction solutions. Almost 1,000 exhibitors from 30 countries presented their flagship offer during the Budma and WinDoor-tech 2019 fairs. Modern machines, robots and lifting devices attracted nearly 50,000 professionals.

It was loud and inspirational, but above all good business was "hanging in the air." No wonder - the joinery industry has been a pride in national Poland for several years. The WinDoor-tech trade show, which is open from February 12 to 15, is only confirmed.

New technology fair

- We are the fourth economy in terms of production volume, the first exporter and the first application in Europe, in the world for the second result. There is something to brag about. We have a great construction situation. Joinery and construction are used utensils. This fair is a great festival of our industry - said Janusz Komurkiewicz, president of the Polish Association of Windows and Doors during the opening of the WinDoor-tech and Budmy fairs.

The gala featured deputies, senators, members of local government, presidents of trade unions and industry chambers. Artur Soboń, Secretary of State at the Ministry of Investment and Development, also argued about the importance of construction for the Polish economy, and thus the carpentry industry.

- Construction up to 10 percent gross product! The Polish economy without this sector had no chance for development. The good construction, new technologies, innovations and technological solutions can be seen in these directions. That is why the author: Polish construction champions could develop their export products and obtain state support in this respect - concluded Minister Artur Soboń.

In the glow of gold

During the ceremonial opening of the WinDoor-tech and Budma fairs, prestigious laurels were also awarded: MTP Gold Medals and Acanthus Aureus awards.

Gold medals for particularly outstanding products at WinDoor-tech went to the companies: CDA Polska, Fimtec, Elumatec, R&D Tech. In turn, Acanthus Aureus awards were given to exhibitors who arranged their stands most beautifully both graphically and architecturally during this edition of the fair. This statuette can already be proud of: Sadowski, Imac, Fimtec, CDA Polska, Elumatec.

- We particularly praise the Visualizer program awarded with the MTP Gold Medal at the fair. Few companies in the world have implemented such solutions. This is a novelty, our original program, which we wrote from scratch - said Tomasz Maraszek from CDA Polska.

WinDoor-tech's flagship offer is an exhibition of the latest achievements in the field of production automation, including machines, devices for wood, plastic and aluminum processing.

- Automation and software are trends of the near future - said Grzegorz Rosłaniec from Fimtec. The company at WinDoor-tech promoted, among others two products awarded with MTP Gold Medals: DCM1 - numerically controlled kneading machine for aluminum corners and the SL4FF EVO Shape Welder. And all this at an impressive stand appreciated by the Acanthus Aureus statuette. - This is an unprecedented device on the market, not requiring additional service. They replace qualified employees who are lacking in the market - argued Grzegorz Rosłaniec.

Elumatec, exhibitor of WinDoor-tech is the winner of the MTP Gold Medal for the profile machining center SBZ 122/75.

- The trend in our industry is joining processes. Until now, they were carried out with the help of two or three machines. We strive to combine these processes within one device. It turns out that people with quality requirements can't quite cope. Hence, automation, robotization, digitization of various types of processes. We do not want people to run out of this work, just to facilitate this work, increase production efficiency and quality. In the broadly understood window and door industry, it is impossible to automate these processes completely - said Waldemar Lis, president of Elumatec.

The Imac company stand awarded with the Acanthus Aureus statuette was distinguished by its spatial form attracting market visitors.

- Not only clients from Poland but also from abroad visit us, the Ukrainian market is particularly strong. This year we hosted a delegation of leading Ukrainian producers - enjoyed the fruitful Konrad Musiał from Imac.

For the fourth time, R&D Tech has become the WinDoor-tech gold medalist. A 4-axis CNC machining center was awarded for machining aluminum, PVC, light alloys or steel profiles.

- During the 10 years of our company existence, advanced technology has become increasingly noticeable in the joinery industry, and automation has also developed. The product awarded this year leaves the competition behind. The market is developing towards the automation of production processes. This trend has been visible for several years. This affects the joinery industry very much - argued Tomasz Rybka, president of R&D Tech.

Window manufacturers are following the market

The Polish Windows and Doors Association - the honorary patron of Budma and WinDoor-tech in this edition strongly marked its presence.

Organized for the third time Monteriada met with great interest. Janusz Komurkiewicz, the president of POiD, spoke about the idea of ​​"good assembly" during a press conference. He noticed that the association works not only to develop the industry and improve the quality of products, but also to assemble them, because even the best products will not meet their requirements if they are installed incorrectly.

- We are an export leader in construction joinery. The factories that were once small have expanded, introducing modern production lines. Thanks to this, Polish windows and doors have become our national specialty. We want to promote the relationship as industry leaders. Each member is unique because he belongs to the elite. We believe that each of us is an eagle of Polish woodwork, an eagle that is our symbol and national good, just like Polish woodwork - emphasized Janusz Komurkiewicz.

Existing POiD for over 20 years is the only organization of producers. Over one hundred members belong to it.

This edition of WinDoor-tech, like the previous ones, showed that the idea of ​​selecting a special exhibition zone for the borehole sector and organizing independent fairs in synergy with Budma was the most successful. Window manufacturers and Budma exhibitors had the opportunity to follow the new solutions presented by their current and potential exhibitors at WinDoor-tech. The exhibition included an offer from both Poland and abroad. This year's exhibitors include companies from Austria, the Czech Republic, Finland, the Netherlands, Israel, South Korea, Lithuania, Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Turkey and Italy.

- The novelties we show at the stand are related to motor skills and smart home control. We are constantly looking for innovations to offer the best solutions that are "on top". We work closely with our suppliers - said Adam Pędzich, president of AdamS.

In turn, Radosław Bartochowski from Erkado emphasized that thanks to the WinDoor-tech exhibition the company is able to discover something new and adapt to the client's needs.

- Despite the automation, we try to have a human being at the end of all processes, so that a human being is a quality controller of door manufacturing machines - he argued.

Janusz Komurkiewicz, a member of the Management Board of Fakro, the president of POiD also spoke about the search for new trends. - We watch with great attention what is happening at WinDoor-tech, we follow trends, we need new technologies to produce more, faster and of course without compromising quality - he argued.

The last edition of WinDoor-tech has proved that the Polish carpentry sector is undoubtedly an innovative branch, drawing knowledge from abroad, but above all creating its own technical solutions. These new products are the main magnet attracting professionals. - We heard many positive reviews during WinDoor-tech. It allows us to believe that we are going in the right direction. We enjoy the success of the fair while working on their further development. Together with exhibitors and industry leaders, we are already preparing the next edition of WinDoor-tech, which is planned in 2021 - said Mateusz Szymczak, director of the WinDoor-tech fair.