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Glass and construction joinery join forces


The situation on the market for glass and related sectors in the construction industry, as well as suggestions made by exhibitors and industry partners, prompted the Management Board of Grupa MTP to decide to move the Glass Trade Fair exhibition to the flagship offer of the WinDoor-tech Fair which will be held from 31 January to 3 February 2023. - Combining the themes of the Glass, WinDoor-tech and Budma Fairs will make it the world's biggest exhibition of the Polish construction industry and its potential, consolidating the modern glass market with technologies of the future used for example in the production of windows and doors - states Mateusz Szymczak, WinDoor-tech Fair Director.

European glass sector is an innovative and very strategic industry that provides significant benefits by supporting the process of "transition" to a climate-neutral, closed-circuit economy. Low carbon emission is now one of the priorities of the European Union. This trend can also be observed in the construction industry.

The potential for synergy

Modern windows and insulation materials make it possible to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions associated with the use of buildings, e.g. heating and air conditioning. Moreover, the use of a recycled raw material - cullet - in the production of modern glass panes and glass wool brings about spectacular environmentally friendly effects. Therefore, the synergy of the glass and window joinery industries gives great potential for the development of these sectors.

- It is a concept that was already successfully implemented in the past as part of the Budma Fair, but due to the increasing fragmentation of the construction market, it was abandoned. The world is changing and we are following these changes. We have our finger on the pulse. We listen to the voices from the industry. We see how it has been affected by the pandemic, the war in Ukraine and the turmoil in the raw materials market. We had many discussions with exhibitors and partners at the Glass and WinDoor-tech Fairs, hence the decision to combine the offer of these projects. We see an opportunity for new business "deals" in increasing the industry scope within a single exhibition event. At the same time, thermo-modernisation programmes are being launched, including in connection with the implementation of the European Green Deal, which will further promote the market for construction products, including modern soundproof and energy-efficient windows and doors using high-quality glass. We are trying to make good use of this time by offering a new formula for the event - announces Mateusz Szymczak.

Poland is a leader in the export of windows

WinDoor-tech Fair will become a unique opportunity to present a wide range of modern solutions of the glass industry, which can be successfully used in the production of components and tools used in construction joinery. For several years, Poland has been the world leader in the export of windows in Europe. The beginning of 2022 has brought further record results for woodwork exports. According to the data of the Central Statistical Office of Poland (GUS), its value in the first quarter of 2012 amounted to approximately EUR 867 million, i.e. by 34% more than in the corresponding period of 2021.

It is a very dynamically developing sector, using modern technologies. These are the factories of the future, relying on automation and digitisation of production processes. These trends have been evident at the WinDoor-tech Fair for several years, and the exhibitors' offers are largely based on robotisation, digitalisation and artificial intelligence. The potential of the event is further strengthened by the Budma construction trade fair taking place at the same time.

- Glass facades or structures are almost a symbol of modern construction. Glazed office buildings, shopping centres or residential buildings are becoming a trademark of the most developing cities in the world. That is why WinDoor-tech, enriched with the existing Glass Fair exhibition, is a unique project also addressed to architects and designers. We are creating the largest event held for such a broad sector in Poland - adds Mateusz Szymczak.

Intensive work is underway on the next year's edition of the Fair, and subsequent halls are filling up with exhibitors both from Poland and abroad. Visitors who have so far visited the Glass Fair will have an opportunity to see an exhibition of machines, equipment and accessories for flat glass processing and discover the latest applications of glass in construction and architecture.

Combining the exhibition with a comprehensive offer of innovative technologies used in the production of windows, doors, gates and facades provides a unique opportunity to promote Polish solutions and products on the international arena, where there is room for new contracts due to the broken supply chains from Asia.

The Fair programme also includes spectacular shows and workshops.

Visit WinDoor-tech in the new formula!

The event will be held from 31 January to 3 February 2023 on the premises of MTP Poznań Expo.


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