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Why is it worth being a WinDoor-tech exhibitor


Technologies of the future are the keynote of WinDoor-tech. The organization of the event together with Budma gives a synergy effect. In one place and time, the offer is presented by companies engaged in the production of joinery and suppliers of the latest technologies, solutions and systems, which are world leaders in this segment. As a result, along with the increase in the scale of operations of window, door and gate manufacturers, the importance of suppliers acting on their behalf is also growing.

Number 1 in Europe

Today, the window joinery industry is one of the most competitive sectors of the Polish economy. Another year in a row, Poland is the most important window producer in Europe. Only in 2017 as much as 15 percent. windows produced all over Europe came from our country. There are already more than two thousand window manufacturers on the market, who constantly create new trends, surprising not only with designer solutions, but above all with technology and safety

WinDoor-tech exhibitors must meet these challenges. Their offer presented at the fair must not only follow the fantasy of window manufacturers, but also affect cost optimization by process automation, and thus production efficiency.

Record edition of WinDoor-tech

The fair reflects the boom in the industry, hosting a record number of exhibitors from around the world. The event takes place in a two-year cycle, occupies as many as 3 market pavilions.

For the first time in WinDoor-tech history, in 2019, a delegation of GIMAV members visited the fair. This is a key association of Italian producers and suppliers of machines, accessories, equipment and components for glass processing. Poland is a very important market for them. The results of the latest GIMAV industry report confirm that in terms of flat glass exports Poland is 7th as the target market for Italian production, which gives a market share of 2.73%.

One of the curiosities of the last edition was the largest exhibition in Poland of the latest machinery and equipment for transport and assembly of large-size glass, windows and facades. Modern cranes and robots are the result of ever bolder architectural visions and the necessity of their implementation. Even though panes weighing even over 1000 kg are not surprising today, logistics and assembly become a challenge. Only the most modern solutions can meet them - they will be in the WinDoor-tech exhibition.

Premieres are one of the main magnets attracting trade fair visitors. As much as 83 percent people indicate market news as the most important reason for visiting exhibition events. There will also be such premiere products at WinDoor-tech. Trade fair visitors can easily find them at specially marked stands.

Flagship offer

However, this is not all for lovers of tomorrow's technology. The flagship offer of the fair is an exhibition of innovative achievements in the field of production automation, including machines and devices for wood, plastic and aluminum processing. The exhibitors' offer will include robots, fittings, production optimization software and measuring technology.