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WinDoor-tech - a plan for a powerful entry into 2023


The most important meeting involving manufacturers and distributors of machines and components for the production of windows, doors, gates and facade systems - the WinDoor-tech Fair is returning to the previous calendar of events. The next edition is scheduled for 2023.

Trend-setting fair

The unique, largest meeting of the industry in this part of Europe - the WinDoor- tech Fair in a few years has created a strong brand, becoming a key event that shapes new trends in window, door and gate production technology.


'We have had numerous talks with leaders, exhibitors and partners, who are very much looking forward to this meeting. The organization of WinDoor-tech in February 2023 allows us to provide exhibitors and visitors with a high business quality of the event, developed over the years. We hope that this will enable our partners to achieve their most ambitious goals,' says Mateusz Szymczak, WinDoor-tech Fair Director.


Production automation is the strength of WinDoor-tech

The excellent economic situation on the construction market is also reflected in the woodwork sector.  Polish companies are achieving record results in terms of both production and sales. The situation looks even better if we look at the prospects for the coming years. In order to meet the challenges and expectations of the markets while maintaining the competitive advantage of companies, further investments are necessary, including the ones in state-of-the-art technologies that improve the quality and attractiveness of the products offered. They are the most important part of the WinDoor-tech exhibition.


'Currently the woodwork industry is one of the most competitive sectors of the Polish economy and the upcoming edition of WinDoor-tech will certainly reflect those trends. The flagship offer of the Fair includes the exhibition of the latest developments in production automation, robotisation and digitalisation of enterprises. We expect to see industry leaders presenting technologies of the future. The situation in the past year showed everyone that automation is the way to cope with a difficult reality. Such investments pay off today not only for big players, but also for small and medium-sized enterprises,' M. Szymczak adds.


A market that cannot wait

Current challenges of the industry, such as the increased competitiveness in relation to other countries, personnel problems or increases in prices of raw materials, make some companies already very much in need of business interactions.  During the WinDoor-tech and Budma Fairs it will be possible to announce product premieres to the world and learn 'from the inside' about the advantages of future implementations. It is also an opportunity for direct contact between the leaders of woodwork production and the key suppliers of components and technologies.


'Budma exhibitors have been for years partners and contractors of companies exhibiting at WinDoor-tech. Some of them are already planning significant investments in modern machine parks and cannot afford another year of downtime in business relations, the opportunity of which is offered by the Fair. An excellent economic situation is underway, companies want to acquire new customers and develop their production. As early as today, we invite you to co-create the next edition of WinDoor-tech and Budma Fair and jointly create the future of this industry sector,' encourages Dariusz Muślewski, MTP Product Group and Budma Fair Director.